This week, Sheri finally put us Loopy Groupies out of our misery and announced the details for project #2.

I already ordered my yarn:


 I purchased a big ol’ pile of Cascade Ultra Pima cotton in the color Wine.  It’s actually 1320 yards of soft cotton.  I’m loving it!

Challenge #2 is to knit a project that contains at least one color from my own country’s flag.  The project must be 800 yards minimum.  Since I am born and raised American, I had my choice of red, white or blue.  Knitting with this red color in the month of July will feel so patriotic.

Since I’m not a big shawl knitter (yet!), that yardage, to me, said sweater.  This is convenient since I have had my eye on a host of sweaters for the last little while.

There is this one:  Gemini sweater

I love this one:  Mud season

And I have been totally planning to try my hand at this with some KnitPicks CotLin:  Garden Cardigan

After some mulling, I decided on knitting the Garden Cardigan in some DK weight cotton that The Loopy Ewe carries (so that I could keep within the rules of the camp).  Hence, the Cascade Ultra Pima.

I am SO excited to knit this sweater.  I have seen some really nice outcomes posted by knitters who have knitted it for themselves.  I already purchased my pattern. 

Camp rules state that we can’t begin to knit project two until June 27th.  How am I going to wait that long?!!??

I’m done with project one, and I’ll be posting photos soon.

I feel some gauge swatching coming on…

~Happy camping!