I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately. 

I seem to have meandered into no less than 3 LYSs in the last few weeks.  There was Sheep’s Clothing for some vacation yarn shopping on my week off.  Then there was Yarns To Dye For that hosted the Knit In Public knit-out.  Then I finally made a trip out to Spinnin’ Yarns, a new yarn shop start-up located right in my very own neighborhood. 

When I went over to Spinnin’ Yarns, I was looking to get a specific type of yarn to start a small sweater to work on until Camp Loopy project two can be started.  The shop, being a start-up, did not have the type of yarn that I was looking for, but after perusing the shelves and finding a new brand of sock yarn that I have never seen/tried before (I brought home 4 hanks) and nearly buying out the clearance wall (I must start planning for Christmas gift knitting), I had dropped one serious chunk of change (yet again).

Add to that my Camp Loopy project two purchase, which was followed last night by yet another Loopy Ewe  surprise shopping spree (yes, I surprised myself) after Sherri posted THIS.  I’m realizing that my spending has gone a bit out of control.

They say acceptance is the first step…

Amid all of this, I also splurged on some new project bags that I REALLY wanted.  When I was at Knit In Public Day, I noticed that one of the knitters had the absolute best project bags.  When I asked her about them, she told me they were Piddleloop bags which are handmade by sisters in Indiana.  She mentioned that they are a bit pricey, but that she stocks up on the bags when she sees them at knitting conventions.

I have seen some bags from Piddleloop on the WendyKnits blog, and I recall that Wendy likes the bags as well.

I checked online, and sure enough, I found some bags for sale.  I purchased two, and I have to say that I just LOVE them.  The quality of the bags is spectacular.

There is this compact project bag which has been perfect for smaller projects:



Then I got this larger project bag with Mr. Sheep on it: 


It is working out well for holding both yarn balls for the most current project on my needles.

The owl bag is my favorite due to its shape and size, so I keep entertaining thoughts of ordering another.

…I think my credit card may need to go stay with friends for a while…