Honest to gosh, I’m like a giddy kid over the fact that the weekend is here.  I plan to work a little, knit a lot, get some rest, and finally take some nice photos of the Raglan Sleeve Topper so that I can post them.

I finished it Sunday night last weekend, and I blocked it Monday night.  Four days later, it is still pinned to the mats on the basement floor.  Busy week (again). 

I mostly like it, but I do need a shawl pin in order to wear it in the way that it looks best (I tried it on before I blocked it).  I plan to sport it at work on the next “jeans day” that we have at the school.  It should be cute.  My first sweater!  How cool is that?! 

Speaking of cool, I got my first installment of exclusive yarn from the Knit Love Sock Club, now that I am an official 2012 member.  I have never worked with Sokkusu sock yarn, so I was a bit nervous that I committed to a year’s worth of special deliveries and it could easily turn out that I wouldn’t like the yarn.  Well, I’m sworn to secrecy on the details of our first limited edition sock yarn skein (until all of the members get their yarn, so that everyone has the same surprise), but I can say that the yarn itself is lovely, and I CAN NOT believe how soft it is for being plain old merino.  I was certain the label would say it included some cashmere, but it does not.  It says 100% superwash merino and it is still that soft.  Amazing.

I don’t get the associated club sock pattern until February 6th (via Ravelry).  I’m dying to see it because I’m hoping that I don’t like it since  I really want to make a scarf out of my yarn.

Speaking of even MORE cool: my happy, wooly, hand-made blog received a Liebster Blog Award earlier this week!  Here it is:

It was granted to me by the very kind Jen who blogs over at Two Frogs and a Grasshopper (you can click on the name to visit her blog). 

She and I have  become ‘blog buddies’ over the last year since we have the same respect for hand-made garments and art.  She sews and crochets and knits – among many other things – aside from being a rather worldly mom who leads a lovely, simplified life.  Thanks Jen!

As a lucky Liebster recipient, I have also been tasked with passing it on to five more of my own favorite bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers.  I will certainly get to work on that in the days to come.  I already have some ideas about who I would like to share the award with.

~Bon weekend!