My Camp Loopy 2012 first summer challenge project is half way done. 

Here is sock #1 of the pair of Primavera socks that I am knitting from Cascade Heritage Quatro sock yarn.

Not the greatest photos, but I did my best.  In person, the actual sock looks terrific, and I am glad that I chose this pattern and yarn for the project.  For the first half of the sock pattern, I was certain I had made a bad choice, and that all of my hard work would be a waste.  I do wish I had made the cuff even longer than I have, though.  It seemed overly long until I actually put the sock on. 

I am dying to know what the second summer challenge will be.  I wonder how much notice we will get to prepare?  I have had a hankering to knit another Rain on the Prairie Scarf.  It would be great if that could somehow work out for the second challenge.

I will definitely get some quality photos once the second sock is complete.

~Happy knitting.