I was in the zone Saturday night, and I finished the Green Grocer bag that I started a few days ago.  It turned out like the cutest beachy tote bag or market bag. 


It ended up considerably larger than it was supposed to be, but I really like it.  It hangs very nicely, and is usable. 



I crocheted this with a size G hook, using Paton’s Pure Organic Cotton in the color “red” (which is actually a really bright pink).  It took around 450 yards of sport/medium weight cotton yarn (3 balls and nearly all of a 4th).  The pattern is EASY and fast, so if you are a beginner crocheter, go for it.  It is fun to do, and it yields really sharp, professional looking results.


Since it turned out so great, I would like to give it to my sister for her birthday which is several days away.  I hope she likes it because it is taking a bit of work on my part not to get too attached to it!  I absolutely plan to make another for myself at some point, when all of my knitting deadlines have passed.

~Happy knitting (or crocheting)!