I’m sorry about my lapse in posts recently.  Life has gotten really busy, as life does, and I finally feel like I can take a breath and share some projects again.  At long last, here are my finished Skyp socks!

I actually finished these socks several weeks ago, and have since started some hats that I will post about soon (I discovered a fantastic, free hat pattern that I absolutely love).

Skyp socks finished to the level of the foot.

Skyp socks finished to the level of the foot.

I mentioned in a past post that I chose to knit these socks simultaneously on two sets of DPNs.  I’m still not sure if I prefer this method to just doing one at a time.  It is definitely easier to ensure two identically constructed socks.  Since knitting for me is more or less meditative, I am awful at taking notes on the modifications and alterations I make to a pattern as I go along, so I would guess that most of the pairs of socks I have made in my life are (imperceptibly) different from each other in construction.  In any case, I’ll probably knit my next pair of socks by this method again just to give it more of a chance before I decide which approach I like better.

The finished product sure worked out.


I really love this hand dyed yarn I bought at Stitches this year.  Since I only had a very small skein to work with, I actually split it in half by weight, using my gram scale.  Then I used some left overs in the complementary brown color to make the heel and toe to extend the yarn a bit more.


I usually like to make socks with a longer leg, but since I really felt that I HAD to make socks from this yarn, I made them as long as the yardage would allow.


My goal was to use every last inch of the yarn if possible.


Here’s what I ended up with when both socks were complete.  I think I succeeded!

As soon as these socks hit the Soak Wash for blocking, I was on to this:


An awesome hat pattern with construction unlike anything I’ve made before, knit in fingering weight, Plucky Knitter Primo yarn.  This one is actually already done, and I’m making a second in a different color (but same yarn base), which tells you something about this pattern.  I almost never knit a pattern twice, and I think I’m going to need at least three of these before I’m done! 

~Happy knitting!