I’m totally hooked on a new hat pattern that I found.  It’s the Excess hat pattern by Anat Rodan.  You can find it for free by clicking HERE.

One of the things I love about this pattern is that the hat is knit from fingering/sock weight yarn.  I love knitting with yarn of this weight, and I have a ton of sock yarn in my stash, so this project is perfect for left overs. 


Stockinette brim already folded over and closed by knitting both sets of stitches together on a third circular needle. The body of the hat is then continued in the round from there.

The other thing I completely adore about this pattern is the brim.  It is actually a band of stockinette that is folded over and then closed up on three sets of needles (this requires that you begin with a provisional cast-on).  It makes a really neat and tidy looking brim.  I think it looks leaps and bounds better than the traditional ribbed bands described in most hat patterns.  I may be ruined for all other hat bands now.  I think I’ll be subbing in this technique wherever I can.

I pretty much followed the pattern for the hat pictured here.  I used Plucky Knitter Primo yarn in fingering weight, in this gorgeous purple color.  I thought it worked out super.  I knit the brim on this hat with size 5 circular needles, and the body of the hat with size 6 circulars. 


The hat is very stretchy and the fit turned out perfect.  I have already worn this hat on several occasions, and I love it. 


I couldn’t seem to get pictures that do this little hat justice.  It looks so much better in person.  I would recommend that anyone give this pattern a try, especially with a nice, hand dyed, fingering weight yarn.


I have actually already completed a second version of this pattern (and I’m contemplating a third…) with the same yarn base, but in a lovely gray color.  This time I increased the number of cast-on stitches by 20, and used size 3 needles for the entire hat.  Since the yarn is so thin, I wanted the second hat to have a tighter weave to it to help hold in warmth.  I worked the body for many more rows to make the hat longer so it’s a bit more of a slouch than a stocking cap.  It also turned out awesome.  Photos are coming soon!


~Happy knitting!