The Illinois Will County Fair is going on this week, and I entered nine items this year:  eight were knitted and one was crocheted.


What’s a knitting blog without some sheep photos?!

I’ve been out to the fair three times already this week.  The day after judging for the Arts entries was apparently the day before the scheduled judging of the sheep, so they were looking extra snazzy.

I did fairly well in the fair this year.  I ribboned in all but one of my entries (my crochet hat did not place).  I won eight ribbons and $40 in premium money.  Oddly, there were very few entries in the knitting division this year, and I felt like I won nearly half of my ribbons by default. 

There were only two knit shawls entered this year, one of them being mine, and my On The Road Shawl ended up taking second place.  See what I mean about winning some ribbons by default?


I have to admit that at first I was a little disappointed not to have taken first when there was only one entry to compete with, but once I got a good look at the shawl that won, I got over it.  Isn’t it pretty? 

The first place knit shawl (not made my me).

The first place knit shawl (not made my me).

It has a lace bottom and if you look closely, it’s also lightly beaded.  It might be my favorite knit entry in the fair this year.  I love the yarn.

I entered my Radiating Star blanket, and again I took second place by default.


Only two entries (my blanket and one other) were made in the knit afghan (any pattern) category, and the first place blanket also took Best of Show for the whole division, so it’s hard to feel bad about that!

I did get a legitimate first place ribbon for my knit scarf!  I entered my Leaf Scarf just to see how it would do, and it was the winner.


I entered my beloved Rayures cowl as well, and it took third:


The knit hat category was one of the only ones with several entries, so I was really glad that I knit that second (improved) Scrollwork hat.  It took second place.


My sister’s mittens took third place of only three entries.


And my Snowflower socks were the only knit socks entered this year!  Where did all of the knitters go?!

First place ribbon by default.  Kind of a buzz-kill.

First place ribbon by default. Kind of a buzz-kill.


The night before the fair, I realized that I had entered my set of kitchen towels into the wrong category (hand towels), so I was not expecting to have any luck there.  I was surprised to find that I took second place!  It appeared from the tags that they had combined the two groups, which was a good thing for me.


If you haven’t been out to the Will County Fair this year, it will be going on through Sunday (8/24).  Go check it out!  And if you can, knit up some entries and participate next year! 

Tomorrow I will post more about the fair, including my favorite things entered by others.  It’s always so much fun to see what other people create and come up with!

~Happy knitting!