This past week, I began to think about knitting summer hats.  I like wearing hats, and I thought it would be cute to knit a hat from some light fiber that I could wear with my jeans.  I began looking through my stash to see if I had anything that fit the bill, and I found some Lion Brand Organic Cotton in the colorway Pistachio.  This yarn is so soft and smooth. 

I was envisioning a cute cap with maybe some earthy looking beads along the ribbed band, but I kept looking at the yarn and thinking that it would be perfect for a slouch hat.  It’s smooth and drapey, but still not too thin, and even more, it has a bit of a nubby, thick and thin texture.  A slouch hat would be so cute knit from yarn like that! 

I actually don’t personally wear slouch hats because they are not quite me, and they don’t really look good on me, so I knew that this hat would go up in the Etsy shop.  I began looking for a pattern, and I found this one  on Ravelry that I thought would work.  I adjusted the pattern for the weight of my yarn (a heavy sport weight) and got to it.

As I knit along, I began to feel like the yarn itself had enough character that I might be best off avoiding the actual lace stitch described in the pattern, and instead just use stockinette to show off the yarn. 

Etsy 072a

As you can see, that’s what I did.  I improvised the hat, essentially, and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I like the broad band of ribbing, and the fact that the hat is only a little slouchy.  And I know I already mentioned it, but this yarn is so soft!  If you could feel this hat, you would love it even more!

I used the dinner plate trick to block the hat.  I gave it a good soak , rolled it in a towel, and then stretched it over an 11 inch dinner plate to dry.  This method encourages the slouchy shape. 

Etsy 002

I balanced the plate on a Ball jar to facilitate drying (it took about two days).  It reminded me of a space ship!

I wanted to add some vintage, red buttons to one side of the ribbed band, but I was worried that it would take away from the potential versatility of the hat, which matters since I planned to sell it.  If I were making it for myself, I would have totally added those buttons.

Etsy 073

I’ll have my chance to do some embellishing since I just bought some yarn I found on super-clearance at Web’s online that will work great for a hat for me.  It is actually cotton with a teenie bit of llama, of all things!  It’s called Queensland Collection Llama Soft Cotton —  80% cotton, 20% llama.  I had to have it! 

I bought a hank in an unnamed reddish, brownish, marroonish color that I will use to knit MY cute, summer hat sometime soon.  If I can figure out how to bead the brim, I think I want to do that too.

~Happy knitting!