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This week, I finished a pair of Chicanery Mitts, a pattern written by Angela Myers for Three Irish Girls yarn.  I LOVE this pattern, and I actually just finished a second pair in worsted weight that is still blocking, but will be posted about soon.


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I completed these last weekend, but they waited all week to be ‘finished’ (knitter’s F-word) in that they still needed loose ends woven in, and a good blocking.  I used one of my favorite sets of antique sock blockers to block these mitts.  Pardon the mess!  I block most of my work in my office which has now become somewhat of a workshop, and it is cluttered. 

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The stitch pattern is meant to break up colors in variegated and hand dyed yarns, similar to the way linen stitch does, but it also gives this great cobble-stone appearance to the fabric that I think is so great.  It also makes these mitts extra thick (due to slipped stitches within the pattern), so this pattern can be done well with fingering weight yarn, which will still make thick, warm mitts.

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I actually did a little stash busting with this pair, and used some left-overs of some of my nicest yarn.  If you remember my Cladonia Shawl, you will recognize the yarn (which was just as wonderful to work with the second time around!  Why haven’t I got more of this stuff!?).   The yarn is Madelintosh Tosh Sport in the colors Sequoia B and Twig. 

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This yarn is hand dyed, which gives it that gorgeous appearance.  I so wish I had enough yarn to do a second pair for myself, but I’m nearly certain what I have left won’t make it.  I had to weigh the left-overs out on a gram scale just to be sure I had enough for this pair.  This pair was made for sale in my Etsy shop, which I will blog about soon.

Happy knitting!