Folded Squares

It’s always great when you find one of those patterns that you just really click with.  You work it up, not even knowing if you are going to like it, only to discover that it clicks with you, it clicks with the yarn you chose, and it makes really great functional objects. 

The most recent pattern that has been that for me is this simple little folded, square pot holder pattern that I ran into on someone’s blog.  Apparently this pattern has been around a while, but I have not ever tried it before.  Once I did, I stopped making all other pot holders, and I was hooked.

These work as pot holders, hot pads or even wash cloths.  They are double thick but are still only constructed in one piece.  I crochet them from various brands of worsted weight cotton.


I generally nearly never make the same pattern twice.  I just don’t like it.  I like to conquer a pattern (that’s what motivates me).  Once I have correctly executed it, I lose interest and it’s on to the next one.  Sometimes I can hardly finish the second sock in a pair for this reason. 

To the contrary, I can’t even tell you how many of these pot holders I have made since November.  I sort of wish I had counted, just for fun.  If I had to guess, the number is easily approaching 40 by now.  They can now be found in the kitchens of nearly every person who knows me or sees me on a relatively regular basis:  family, neighbors, coworkers….

19  13

When I give home-made items as gifts, I never know who is really going to be into it, and who is going to be thinking, “gee, thanks for the square”.  So unless the person on the receiving end of my pot holder was a knitter or crocheter him/herself, I only gifted one (rather than a set). 

I gave my sister one during the holidays, with a bottle of hand soap, and at the beginning of last week, I got a message from her asking for more, more, more. 

So I made her this set of brown (she asked for brown) and gold ones during the week, and gave them to her last weekend.


I still owe my brother’s girlfriend some, and then I can finally start making some for MY kitchen too! 

Kitchen Set

Before the discovery of this folded square pattern, I made the set of three shown below for myself in these crazy colors that I thought looked so fun together.

Front Side  Back Side

The pot holders in these photos are actually the same set of three.  These are my own design.  They are reversible with the color scheme in reverse on the opposing side, except for the striped one, which was an experiment. 

And finally, here is the set of pin wheel or folded flower pot holders that I mentioned in a previous post.  I made them last summer for a fair entry that required that the pot holders be judged as sets.  As a set, they took first place.

Folded Flower Set

I love the colors that I used for these.  They coordinate with my kitchen so well.

~Happy crocheting!