I have spent more time knitting kitchen towels and related items from cotton in the last six months than probably anything else.  I like having home-made, useful materials around my home.  Hand-knit objects are often functionally better than commercially produced ones, and I like that they remind me of the thing I love (fiber-arts). 

I have mentioned previously that I have this idea in my head that eventually all of my kitchen towels will be hand-made.  I think I’m finally getting close.  I have posted about some previously HERE and HERE and HERE.

Here is the latest installment.

Kitchen towels

The variegated, rose-colored towel and the cream-colored towel in the photo above were both done in Sugar n Cream cotton.  The green towel in the center with the basket-weave pattern is done in Lion Brand Recycled cotton.

 I am also continuing to make these hand towels that work so well on my pantry door.  I always need a towel there.  I started making these a few years ago, and I have perfected them for fitting this location.  The hanging loop has been the challenge.  It is always too long, or too small, or I don’t like the way it looks where I attached it. 

Hand towel Hand towel 2

This one worked out great.  I did an iCord loop and kept it small.  It looks neat and tidy, and it stretches, so I can fit it over the door knob without the towel hanging way down where I have to stoop to reach it.  The one shown here is made from some ‘hand-me-down’ cotton yarn that I got from someone on Craig’s List.  I kid you not!  I’m an industrious yarn-gatherer…

Around Christmas time, while out shopping, I kept my eye out for pattern books dedicated to knitted kitchen supplies.  Shockingly (or not), there are very few good ones.  It’s things like this that remind me how big of a geek I really am.  I guess it’s not surprising that I’m the only person out there hoping to find a book related strictly to hand-knit kitchen supplies.  Either that, or I have just discovered an unfulfilled niche of people with the same passion for kitchen cotton that I have, and they are all just waiting for me to publish a book!

Since the true issue is more likely the former than the latter, I have taken to making myself a labeled binder to fill every time I come across a random pattern or article related to this topic.  I have some good ones from Ravelry, and many from the interior of yarn sleeves that I plan to keep consolidated for convenience.

But I digress….

Back to Christmas shopping:  I did find this (front and back shown below), which will have some use to me.  Sorry about the crummy pictures, but you get the idea.

Pattern book Pattern book2   

There are some nice textures in these patterns.  I like kitchen towels rather than dishcloths which are smaller, but these patterns are fairly easy to adjust for my preferred, larger size. 

Here is what I have so far:


I’m doing this one in Bernat cotton yarn with my Kollage Square circular needles.  You can also see my Hide n Sheep stitch marker/counter in the photo above.  I LOVE these things.  They make keeping track of the end of rounds when knitting in the round, as well as row counting in a textured, lace or colorwork pattern so much easier.  I have three of them (to accommodate the diameter of both large, medium and small sized needles) and I use them all of the time. 

Well, I’m off to dry some dishes!  (Not really, but it seemed appropriate to say, given today’s topic).

~Happy knitting!