Since I’m still catching up on posting from my little blogging hiatus, you get two finished objects today, all in one post.

The Binge Hat was made last summer as an extra entry for the Will County Fair.  I was looking for a ‘fair-worthy’ pattern that wouldn’t take me too long to make, and this pattern fit the bill.  I knit this from the Brown Sheep Company’s washable wool. 


I actually got this yarn from a clearance bin over a year ago.  I loved the way the colors looked together, so I knew I would use it for a colorwork project someday.


I mentioned in a previous post that I did some charity knitting in November, and I knit a stack of around 10 hats for a fundraiser.  Most of the hats were just improvised with yarn that I had sitting around that I hadn’t yet found a purpose for, but was hoping to knit with. 

One of the hats that I was knitting in a simple, roll-brim style from this pretty, self-striping wool ended up with a weird point on the top.  I don’t know what I was thinking while I was making my decreases, but after I finished the hat, I knew I probably wouldn’t donate it for the sale since I doubted it would sell.


Since it was warm, and I liked the yarn, I just kept it, and it has become my favorite hat to wear this winter.  It looks a little goofy, but I’m fond of it.  It is light, not too thick so it fits easily into my coat pocket, and it has the warmth of wool.  My friends at work keep saying I should just put a pom-pom on the point, to make it less goofy, but I choose to embrace its pointy-ness as a ‘design element’.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

~Happy knitting!