Swirling Eddies Hat

My current projects on the needles include some socks, a sweater, and until this past Saturday, this hat.  When the serious cold weather came in, just after the new year, my cousin asked me to knit her a new hat.  I have made hats for her before, both in shades of pink.  This time, she asked for a black one to go with both of her coats.

It took a few days for the weather to let up enough for me to get out and find some washable, wool yarn in black.  Of all of the zillions of storage containers full of yarn in my house, not a single hank of black could be found (with the exception of some old acrylic that is destined to become the rest of a granny square afghan). 

I ended up purchasing some Rowan Classic Wool in black from a local chain craft store.  I decided to knit the Swirling Eddies pattern that I have wanted to make since two summers ago.  I actually plan to make this hat again with some yarn that I purchased at the Michigan Fiber Festival.  The vendor had a sample knit up in her yarn, and it was gorgeous.  She told me that the pattern was Swirling Eddies, so I went right home and bought it on Ravelry so that I could make the hat.


Swirling Eddies2


I thought that this pattern might add some interest to a black hat, so that it would not look so plain.  Some of the detail of the pattern gets hidden a bit by the dark color, but I think it works out as a nice compromise. 

I have to say, photographing a black hat is NOT easy.  These photos will have to do, though, since I want to get this hat to my cousin tomorrow.  It has been super cold, and I’m sure she could use it.

Swirling Eddies3


~Happy knitting!