I worked tirelessly over the last weekend on my linen stitch scarf.  Even though I am so excited to be knitting this scarf (I have wanted to make one for some time now), I have been harboring a secret.  I hated the way my three color choices were turning out.  The three choices were lovely in and of themselves, but knit together, they just weren’t doing what I had pictured for my scarf.


The rust color along with the greens in the variegated yarn were looking sort of ‘seventies shag rug’ to me.  As I added the powder pink, it looked white against the other bolder colors, making the entire thing reminiscent of the Christmas holiday.  Sigh.  The last thing I wanted was a Christmas scarf.

I went on knitting, in total disappointment that I hadn’t chosen better colors, when it occurred to me that I could check my stash.  Adding just one more unrelated color to the mix could totally remove the holiday feel from the scarf.

After looking though my stash, I found some dark, navy blue yarn with a similar sheen and twist to the Koigu.  It was Claudia hand painted sock yarn in the colorway Yo! Sailor Boy.  I had purchased it ages ago with plans to make some socks.  I thought the blue would work well with the rusts, wines, pinks and greens in the scarf.

I worked it in, sort of at random, experimenting with how it would look next to each of the other three colorways.


Initially, I thought it was fantastic, and I was again elated to be knitting away on my linen stitch scarf.  When I took it out into the natural daylight for some photos, I noticed something for the first time:


Step back and take a look at it.  Notice anything?  Take another step back and look again…


Is it just me, or is this thing now looking somewhat, well, er….patriotic?!

The former Christmas scarf is now looking like an Independence Day scarf….also NOT my intention.  It’s not that I’m not a proud American.  I really am!  I also rather enjoy Christmas, but I wasn’t really looking to design a scarf around the fact.

In spite of my issues with color, I actually finished the scarf yesterday night, but it still needs blocking.  I resisted the urge to add yet another color, but tried to arrange the colors in a way that were less reminiscent of stars and stripes.


Photos of the completed project are coming soon!

~Happy knitting!