I have mentioned several times in the past that knitting a linen stitch scarf is on my knitting to-do list.  At a recent trip to Sheep’s Clothing yarn shop in Valparaiso, IN, I decided it was time!

One of my current works in progress is the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf pattern by Churchmouse Classics

You start by choosing three different colors of Koigu KPPM yarn.  It doesn’t matter if they are variegated or not.


Then, you knit the scarf, alternating the yarn colors as you go, and cutting your yarn at the end of each row to create the fringe.


Notice that this scarf is knit long-ways.  You start by casting on 450 stitches in fingering weight yarn, which sounds intimidating, but was not nearly as tough as I thought it might be. 

I love the way that linen stitch looks woven, like it was done on a loom.  The resulting fabric is thin, yet dense, which makes it flexible, comfortable and gives it nice movement. 

I’m obsessed with this pattern now, and I keep dreaming up new color combinations to try.  It’s difficult to predict the look of the resulting scarf in this pattern until you knit it.  In many ways, choosing colors that don’t appear to compliment each other creates some of the greatest looking scarves. 


Since linen stitch requires that you do a lot of slipping stitches, it is slow going.  The photos shown here represent about three days of work.  In the end, it will be totally worth it.

~Happy knitting!