It’s no secret that I really like cotton.  I love knitting with it.  It’s my favorite fiber for socks and for sweaters.  Recently, I’ve been noticing that I have a lot (A LOT) of cotton around, much of which I had intended for projects like tote bags and dish towels.

Around the beginning of my spring break week off, I started working on more dish towels.  I was hoping to plow through many, since I sure could use them in my kitchen, but as usual, I eventually got sidelined by other projects that began calling my name.

Here’s what I managed to make:


I am quite happy with them.  The blue one is Sugar n Cream cotton in a striping colorway, and the green/brown one is knit from one of my favorite yarns:  Lion Brand Recycled Cotton.  I hit the jackpot a while back and found a bunch on sale, and it’s been stored up for some time now.  I thought it might make some nice dish cloths, and it does!

As I have done before, I knit a loop on the blue towel in the waffle pattern so that I can hang it on my pantry door, where I often need a towel to be.


 It’s so handy!  I hope to make a bunch more like this for use in the kitchen.  I already have the yarn.  Now I just need the time…

~Happy knitting!