At the same time that I purchased the alpaca blend yarn for Dawn’s hat, I also brought home some of this:


It’s called Sensations color wrap yarn.  It is an odd, bulky weight yarn made by twisting strips of nylon (think, strips of pantyhose) and then wrapping them with fluffy wool.  I’m not usually big on novelty yarns, but for some reason (it was on sale), I decided I must try some.

Since I have really been in need of some good, utilitarian, every day mittens for winter, I decided that I would knit some.  I imagine that nylon and wool will be very warm. 

I just used my Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns to whip up some basic mittens.  This is probably the most useful book I have in my knitting library.  It was recommended to me by another knitter, and I’m so glad that she did because I would never have thought to buy it otherwise.  It’s a scary looking spiral bound thing with numerical charts that basically allow you to knit anything from anything!  How great is that!?  (Once you start using it, you realize it is way less scary than it looks.)


Being intrigued by this yarn, I also wanted to see what it would look like as my favorite hat pattern.  I was thinking it would be too noisy to work well with cables, but it actually turned out rather cute.


Are you tired of seeing this cabled hat pattern?  I’m not tired of knitting it!  I have loved it since the first time I knitted it (remember?), and I still think it is the most perfect hat pattern ever.


~Happy knitting!