Last Friday, after the longest staff meeting in the history of all staff meetings, I decided to hit the local, large chain, craft store in order to cheer myself up.  Heaven knows I don’t need any more yarn, but I visited the yarn anyway.

I found 4 hanks of yarn that I wanted to buy, and I wanted to let myself buy them because I felt that I deserved a treat after managing not to stick my pen in my eye during the previously mentioned staff meeting.  I just had to find a way to justify the purchase, in light of the fact that my house is shamefully filled with every type of yarn imaginable. 

My solution was this:


It’s a hat that I knit for my friend Dawn.  She and I had planned to meet up again at work the next day (the first day of our week off) to do some catching up on loose ends, and to tidy up our work spaces.  I was really relieved that she agreed to come in since I was not looking forward to the tasks themselves and her company always makes things fun.

Surely she could use a hat!  A bulky weight, Bernat, alpaca blend hat in the colorway Indigo, knit in the round with cables!  Right?!  It was the perfect excuse to buy the yarn, and a great way to kick off my spring break knitting projects (and to show appreciation to my friend)


I was not lucky enough to get a photo of Dawn wearing it, but you can trust me that she looks super-cute in it.  Dawn is not a big hat fan, but I’m told her hubby gave it a big thumbs up, which I’m sure will increase the odds that she may sport it when the weather gets cold again.

~Happy knitting!