A few weeks ago – around mid-April – I finished my Double Fun Scarf.


This pattern was written by Wendy Johnson (of WendyKnits.net) for use with Kauni wool.  The Shetland wool is stiff enough that it holds the shape of the ruffles really well, giving the scarf a fun effect.  The color transitions in the yarn also work well with this pattern. 


The pattern called for 600 yards of yarn, which is labeled on the yarn band at 150 grams.  When I knitted my scarf, I was disappointed by the resulting length, which is a bit short.  I wish I had purchased more yarn.

My other disappointment with this yarn was that the very end of the skein was not continuous with the rest of it.  The remaining yarn was just added in via a knot, which interrupted the gradual color transition that is a main part of the scarf.  Essentially, I ended up with a short scarf with a funny color block on one end.


In spite of that, it is still a cute and wearable scarf.  I also really love the pattern and plan to make another in the near future.  It is great for mindless knitting, when you are brain-dead at the end of a long day, or travel knitting when you are distracted or can’t focus on one thing at a time.

And it’s ruffley!

~Happy knitting!