After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back Online.  I’m still among the living (and the knitting)!  Now that some of my life-chaos has calmed, I thought I’d get posting again.

I’ve had a lovely week off since my college workplace is on spring break.  We have had spectacular weather, and I have had a chance to de-stress.  I recently went antiquing with my sister and even picked up some knitting-related antiques that I will try to post about some time soon.  I have a vintage button collection going, which – like yarn stashing, is a dangerous (but fun!) hobby.  More to follow on that.

Tonight, I wanted to make good on my promise from 12 weeks ago, and show you my progress on Sharon’s Snowflower sock.  I got some really great photos. 


The heel is created by an interesting technique called a double-stitch short row.  In knitting this pattern, I learned that I prefer a traditional short row heel, but it was neat to learn an alternate method for turning a heel. 

Here’s the heel:


I confess that I haven’t knit the other sock yet, but I will.  This pattern is a challenge for me, so now it’s personal!  Here’s some more of the pretty detail and the strange cabling:


Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some other things.  Life got a little complicated in the last bit of time, so I picked up some simpler knitting projects to keep my tired brain de-stressed.  Posts about those projects are coming soon!

~Happy knitting!