I got the Winter 2012 copy of Interweave Knits magazine in the mail a bit ago, and I noticed these socks:

Snowflower Socks

The pattern is Snowflower Socks by Manuela Burkhardt, a Bavarian/German designer.  These socks are aptly named, don’t you think?  The lace pattern resembles a cross between a snowflake and a flower. 

My cousin Sharon, who lives in Canada, knows how much I knit and has mentioned to me a few times that it would be fun if I knit some things and sent them to her.  I have been meaning to for a long time, and recently I have been considering making her some wool socks.  I decided to knit these for her!

The first sock is in the soak, in preparation for blocking:

Snowflower Socks Soaking

I decided to knit mine in a deeper blue color than what the pattern called for.  I would have liked something lighter to show off the lace, but I didn’t have anything suitable in the stash.  I’m using Cascade Heritage Sock washable wool.

I have to say, I have not been challenged by a pattern like I am by this one in quite some time.  I remember when all knitting patterns felt like this to me!  The pattern has some of the strangest “cables” I have ever knit.  They require TWO cable needles in addition to the two DPNs, that you shift forward and back as you knit stitches onto and off of the needles.  The lace pattern is also quite variable, so I literally had to knit the entire sock by reading row after row, a stitch at a time. 

I think it might work better with some smartly placed stitch markers, which I will probably employ for sock number two.  It should help things go faster, and help me to notice when my stitch count is off BEFORE I have finished an entire round (yeah, there was a lot of that).  I’m actually somewhat surprised that the first sock turned out as well as it did.

  I wasn’t sure what I thought of the actual sock until it was done, and then I tried it on and realized that I love it!  I hope it fits Sharon ok. 

Photos of sock number one — post-blocking — to follow!

~Happy Knitting!