Cabled Afghan

Happy New Year!  Things have been busy here on my holiday break.  Aside from trying to get my house in order (a never-ending battle, but two weeks off from work almost gives me the edge…) I have been doing some knitting.  Our  monthly stitching group met last Sunday at the local cafe, and everyone was extra chatty and extra friendly.  I wish I had taken photos because there were so many great and creative projects in the works – even more than usual.  I was working on the afghan pictured above.  It’s a project that I started back in 2010, just after I learned to cable.  I shelved it after completing just one panel, but as you can see, I now have three already stitched together.  There will be at least seven panels total on the completed blanket. 

I was tempted to call this post “Susie Acrylic Knitting Lady” because I have been working with more acrylic yarn in the last month than I think I have in the past two years.  I guess this means I’m not a TOTAL yarn snob (just mostly one…).  My cabled afghan is acrylic and I also ordered more yarn in an acrylic blend to knit THIS AFGHAN too.  I can’t wait until it gets here.  I think there may have been a mistake on the Lion Brand website because I got my Wool-Ease Thick N Quick yarn at an unheard of price.  I couldn’t pass up making another afghan when they are giving the yarn away!

It has been suggested that in the event of actual Armageddon, nothing will remain but cockroaches and acrylic yarn.  If I’m spending this much time hand knitting an afghan, it might as well last for all of eternity… 

I spent new year’s eve with family, and today I attended a new year’s day “craft in” at our local yarn shop.  The craft in turned out to be a great time with lots of people, lots of crafts and good food.  Again, I took no photos – sorry!  I did, however, do a ton of finishing on my Flore sweater (also in an acrylic blend) while I was there.  I managed to finish the sweater tonight.  Once I decide how I want to block it, I will photograph it.  It was a quick knit and an easy pattern for those of us who are ‘sweater challenged’ (eh hem).

~Happy New Year!