Last summer I bought this Debbie Bliss yarn from a 60% off clearance rack at Yarns To Dye For, a LYS in Frankfort, IL.  I really liked the fluffy, earthy, greenish gray color, and the price was right, even though the 5 balls on the rack with the same dye lot on the label all looked slightly different.  I bought them all!  There are lots of possibilities for knitting with that much yarn, including an entire winter set.

I recently began thinking about the yarn again, and I decided yesterday to pick it up and begin a scarf.  The yarn is somewhat bulky, so I’m using size 10 1/2 straight needles.  I love cables but I’m not a big fan of  scarves that have a ‘right’ side and a ‘wrong’ side.  In an effort to avoid this, I made up a loose cable pattern using a double-sided cabling technique where you basically knit your scarf in two by two ribbing, and cable the ribs by cabling four stitches over four stitches, but always keeping in pattern on your ribbing at the same time. 

This will produce identical, double-sided cables.  That’s the up side. 

The down side is that the cables don’t “pop”, or achieve the same height/relief that you get with the traditional technique.  It’s a trade-off.

I’m so used to working with sock weight and lace weight yarns (my favorites!), that I didn’t realize that I would nearly finish the scarf in just a few hours on a Saturday evening.  I’m thinking I will have enough remaining yarn to knit both a cabled hat as well as some much-needed mittens.

~Happy knitting!