Due to life-related busyness, I took an inadvertent break from blogging.  Tonight was the first night in roughly a month that I sat down and knitted on any of my projects.  I nearly never go that long without knitting.  There has been a lot going on.

One fun recent development is that I adopted one of the laboratory rabbits who reached ‘retirement’ from the program at the college where I instruct.  She became a buddy of mine over the last year since I had to work with her in many of my classes.  She always gave me a chuckle due to the fact that she managed to intimidate most of our students since she is a rather bossy bun with a strong personality.


In the last two terms, all of the other retiring buns found homes, but not little ‘P’.  I guess being too big for your britches can have a down-side.

I always sort of knew I would end up with her, even though I have never owned a rabbit (and I have been trying hard to downsize the number of rescued animals currently in my care).  The universe sort of spoke on this one, and I have a new bun buddy who has been keeping me entertained in the evenings after work.

She is still a young rabbit, so she is having a great time enjoying freedom during ‘out of cage time’, and discovering all of the new and different toys that I manage to find for her. 

She adores fresh veggies – something she rarely got while part of the college program –  and she has discovered that she prefers meadow hay to timothy hay when given the choice.


I think this photo speaks for itself:

~Happy hopping!