I’m having a bit of a hard time getting my focus back.  Now that all of the summer challenges and fairs are over, I am falling back into my old ways of project hopping.  I just don’t feel like finishing anything, and I have a million ideas for new projects that I want to start.

Erg.  I’m not sure if I hate this or love this about myself. 

I could have easily finished my Rayures Cowl in last few weeks.  It is only rows and some grafting (and some blocking) away from being complete.  An extra incentive on that one is that I could be wearing it in this chilly fall weather we are enjoying.  But alas…

Here is what I picked up on a whim last weekend, and a little bit again this weekend:

It’s my second, adjusted pair of Chivalry Mitts. 

Last weekend, I finished the first one, and now I am half way through mitt #2.

It would make perfect sense then to spend my knitting time this weekend finishing the second mitt, since again, I am knitting these with plans to wear them for driving.

Instead, I started this:

It’s another cotton dish towel from the Leftovers Towel Pattern.  I made one last spring using KnitPicks cotton Dishie yarn (see the towel HERE) and it turned out to be my favorite and most useful one.  I knit a little loop on one corner so that I could hang it from my pantry door in the kitchen, where I often need a towel.

I’m making this one from Peaches N’ Cream Cotton Stripes yarn that I bought last summer at good ol’ Walmart.  There is a remote possibility that I will finish it this weekend.

I shouldn’t even mention the fact that I have yet another incomplete towel — this one about one-quarter of the way done — that has been sitting on top of my printer in my home-office since last spring…

Project schizophrenia strikes again.

~Happy knitting!