When I made that quick post last weekend to show off my completed Woodland Turtle Cowl, I expected to be posting again in a day or two about the weekend I had.  Instead, I got swallowed up by work and life (I haven’t even knitted since last Sunday!) and never was able to gather the time or the energy to post again.

This weekend is still all about the work and hopefully some house cleaning, so it just works out that I still haven’t shared all of the fun happenings from last weekend.

Last weekend was the last Sunday of September, which means our knitting group met for a nice Sunday morning of coffee, tea and yarn.  The company is always great at our group, and everyone has a good time.  I wore my newly knitted cowl, fresh off of the blocking mats:

I also brought along some of my finished projects to share with the group.  When I was showing off my Cladonia Shawl (the one that won the ribbons at the Will County Fair this past summer) a woman at another table in the cafe  began talking to our group, and wanted to purchase our hand knits!  I did give her my contact info in case she wanted me to knit up a similar shawl for her. 

I got a ton of work done on my Rayures Cowl while knitting with the group, and it seemed like everyone was knitting something particularly gorgeous this month.  I wish I took more photos!  I did get a few photos of these lovely holiday ornaments being knitted by Jaime who owns the local yarn shop.


After knitting group, I stopped at a local craft fair being held in a park on the same street as the cafe where we were knitting.  It was a beautiful fall day, and all of the crafting booths were erected along the paths in the park which made perusing the wares feel like a glorious walk through the woods.  I have to say, I greatly enjoyed myself.

I purchased some hand-made soy candles as a Christmas gift for my sister.  She especially loves soy candles, and these were good ones (and you know how I love to support independent business owners).

I fell madly IN LOVE with some hand-made art pottery from Chestnut Creek Pottery.  The pots are produced locally by an artist from Portage, IN.  I wasn’t in need of any pottery, but here is what I came home with:

I am SO keeping knitting needles in the one with the heart-shaped opening.

Before I left the park (I didn’t want to leave!), I bought a big pot of mums from some students selling fall flowers as a school fund-raiser.  Here they are adorning my porch:

~Happy Fall!