Woooh lawdy!  There is drama around here lately.  Luckily for me, something about this time of year helps me to keep my peace.  I just lit every apple-cinnamon and pumpkin spice candle that I own, and I’m getting ready to work on one of my latest knitting projects.

I am taking a teenie break from my dream cowl to knit another, smaller cowl from this Plucky Knitter silk/wool blend in the colorway Skimming Stones that I purchased from someone’s destash page on Ravelry:

I’m knitting the Woodland Turtle Cowl.  I love the ribbed, turtle neck component of it.  I am through that part, and about 3 pattern repeats into the lace section.  I’m really hoping it turns out the way I envision it, because I would like to be able to wear it.  I can already tell I won’t have enough yarn to complete the entire pattern as written, but I will just keep repeating lace rows for as long as I have yarn to work with.

I could have been done with the thing this evening, but so much family drama is invading my weekend that I finally had to draw the line and cut two different phone conversations short in last three hours.  Boundaries, people!  Boundaries (as my therapist used to say…) are essential to keeping people from getting ‘all up in your peace’ (as a favorite ex-boyfriend used to say…).

Speaking of knitting on through times of crisis (see my last post), my work day tomorrow will be cut short by my appointment with an endodontic specialist.  I’m not entirely sure what all will be involved with that, other than the fact that there will be root canals.  Yay me!  It distresses me a bit that I will likely not be able to knit through the root canals.  I will find some other means of coping.  Xanax comes to mind…

In other news, my birthday was last Thursday, and I attended one of those 31 parties where a rep and a hostess (my friend Mindy) sell products from the line which include various personalized bags and organizers.  It was so much fun, and I was glad I got to have some fun with people I like on my birthday.  Mindy’s sister brought her dog along and Squeak and I hung out for much of the evening. 

There were all sorts of fall-style goodies like pumpkin flavored coffee and desserts.  I did a bit of Christmas shopping, but I also bought myself a personalized (it will say Always knitting) utility tote (this one) that will make a GREAT addition to my knitting bag collection.  I’m so excited to get it!  More fun things to look forward to!

The fall weather has been so chilly that I have already sported my fluffy, wool, bed socks, a hat, some mittens and my Breath of Fresh Air Scarf at various times in the past week.  Yes!  I just love using my hand knits.

Back to laundry and cowl knitting for me. 

~Happy knitting!