Last weekend, I decided that I should try to find a receptacle to hold my small collection of stitch markers.  As stitch markers go, I have mostly utilitarian, plastic cheepies, but over the last year or so, I have acquired some pretty ones that came in their own little boxes.

The problem with the little boxes is that they are always put away with my knitting tools, and I have to open each box to find what I’m looking for.  When I’m focused on a project, I’m usually not really in a frame of mind to go looking through boxes for the perfect stitch marker.  What ends up happening is that I grab whatever little piece of plastic or safety-pin or twister tie is nearby while I’m knitting, and that becomes my stitch marker. 

Kind of silly to have a bunch of pretty stitch markers if I never use them, eh? 

I decided to look for a small, glass, decorative jar for my markers so that I could keep it on the table next to my knitting chair (that way the makers would always be there when I need them).  This sounds like a simple order, but several kitchen stores and antique shops later, I still hadn’t found what I was hoping for. 

Here’s the marker I have been using for my most recent project:  It reminds me of an ice-cube!


I finally ended up at good ol’ Walmart, and I found this little, clear, plastic organizer in the beading isle.  I decided to give it a try.  Since it is composed of several smaller compartments, I thought I could also organize my markers somewhat.  For two bucks, I am happy with the result:


In my last post, I showed off some of my new cashmere blend yarn from The Plucky Knitter.  The colors are amazing!!

I began a cowl called Rayures (a pattern by Amy Miller) last weekend, and I have made some good progress over the past few days.  Rayures uses a striping pattern to develop a cowl by knitting fingering weight yarn in the round.  It is joined into a ring by grafting the two ends together as the last step, and blocking it flat.

Sarah at The Plucky Knitter came up with this great idea for the use of color in this pattern, and knit hers using coordinated color changes that always carry one previous color over in the stripe sequence when a new color gets added. 

I am IN LOVE with my color choices, and this cowl is an absolute dream.  It is colorful without being gaudy or juvenile, and due to the cashmere and high stitch count, it is so soft.  I’m knitting mine long enough that I can wear it draped around my neck like a scarf, or doubled up like a cowl for extra warmth.

It makes me happy that  fall is upon us here in the Midwest.  Fall has always been my favorite season.  It is cool and crisp and sunny outside today, and I’m making a pot of soup.

~Happy Fall!