I am SO looking forward to the upcoming long weekend!  I will have some work to do since we are beginning a new term next Tuesday at the college, but even so, the extra day will be well appreciated.

The last two weeks have been busy, and even though I managed to stop all caffeine intake for health reasons, I had to break down on Monday evening and start up again for fear that I would never be able to complete everything that I need to get done this week.  Sigh.  On the bright side, I did notice that it seemed to remedy a slightly grumpy attitude that I had been suffering from, though.  It’s funny how that works.

I have managed to keep knitting in the midst of it all, which really improves my stress levels.  I started a new project this past Saturday with this:

Here it is all wound up:

I will post project details soon!

In honor of my upcoming birthday, I also recently acquired this:

It is sort of becoming a new little, private tradition for me that I add a new pair of antique sock blockers/stretchers to my collection each birthday.  I am over-the-moon excited about this set because they appear to be really old.  I mean REALLY old.  I still have yet to find a good resource on the history of these things, but this pair does not appear similar to those that I own that were used in early factories.  I have not seen any resembling the form of this set before, which was part of what excited me about them.  Maybe they belonged to some past household.

The seller told me that he acquired them from an estate sale, and that the estate owner’s son told him that the blockers were in the family for as long as he remembered being alive. 

I don’t tend to be superstitious, but I have to say that these blockers feel like there is a presence about them, and I have had the thought on a few occasions since I purchased them that they are good luck.  I can’t explain it any more than that, but there it is. 

So I’m rather fond of them, even though they smell like a crawl space.

In a previous post, I mentioned that our knitting group hung out again this past Sunday at the Grindhouse Cafe.  It was a super time, and we had our best turn-out yet, with me and Chris H (the regulars) as well as two more group members, and my new friend Lois who I met on the Allegan Fiber Festival trip.  She brought me a pattern that she knew I had been wanting, which was so extremely nice of her, and I was happy to be knitting with her again. 

Lois has been on a baby sweater kick, and she was working on a navy blue one on Sunday.  Chris H, who loves to crochet, was whipping out these sock monkey cup cozies:

She makes them with wool so that they insulate the drink and wick up any condensation that forms on the cup.  She was nice enough to let me take a photo for the blog so that you all can see how cute they are too.

This evening, I just finished grading a stack of laboratory reports, and now I plan to go eat some dinner and do some pre-slumber knitting.  Tomorrow is the last day of the term at work, and Friday will be taken up with faculty meetings and some continuing education (and some knitting if I’m not too exhausted).

Have a great night, and happy knitting!