Last Saturday, I went to the Allegan Fiber Festival in Michigan with the ladies from our local knitting shop.  It was my first time attending a ‘fiber-fest’.  We were truly lucky that the weather was SO great.

There were barns and tents full of yarn, knits and roving of all types.

There were examples of many fiber-producing animals.

This little goat was trying to pick me (she was SO cute!!!), and even though I could really use one to help me keep up with my lawn, I had to tell her that I can’t have a goat.

There were knitted up examples of patterns everywhere, and it was great fun picking out favorites.

I love, love, love these peacock mitts, and look:  I found the pattern by Stephannie Tallent on Ravelry HERE.

The winners from the Michigan Fiber Fest were on display.  Here are the winners of the hand-spun yarn categories, complete with ribbons:

Speaking of ribbons, I dropped my entries off last night at the Will County Fairgrounds for the hand knitting division of the Will County Fair.  I entered 6 projects that I wasn’t able to enter into the Lake County Fair, and the judging was this morning.  I won’t be able to make it to the fair to see if I won any ribbons until tomorrow evening at the earliest.  Wish me luck!  I’m excited to see the results, and the other entries.

~Happy knitting!