I mentioned in a previous post about my trip to Stitches Midwest that I bought several hanks of yarn within the yellow/lime green color palette.  I notice that I often get into color “moods” where, in a single trip to a yarn shop or similar venue, I seem to be attracted to a specific color or limited color set.  I can think of a past trip to a yarn shop in southern Indiana where every hank and skein I brought home was in some shade of blue. 

My purchases at Stitches were not limited to (green) yarn. I also bought some much-needed stitch markers, and these cool and useful (and expensive) project bags made by Slipped Stitch Studios.

The one with the owls on it is called a pattern wallet.  It is stiff and folds in half with a snap closure.

When you open the snap and unfold it, a laminated sleeve is revealed.  You slip your pattern into the sleeve, and it folds backwards and snaps to prop the  wallet open.  You can close it up with the pattern inside to keep the pattern safe in your knitting bag, preventing wrinkles and dog-eared corners.

It also has this little zippered pocket in the back for notions and notes.

The little green project bag with the dog park on it will hold yarn or small projects like socks.  It has a draw-string closure, interior pockets and a carrying strap.

I seem to get great use out of my project bags and I know I need this pattern wallet, so hopefully it was money well spent. 

I have a birthday coming up next month, so I will consider it an early present to myself in order to diffuse some of my guilt.

~Happy knitting!