Even though I haven’t mentioned it much recently, I have been making progress on my Camp Loopy Project 3, which is the final project for this summer’s camp.

I decided to use my camp yarn, which is Mad-Tosh Sport, to knit Cladonia, a shawl pattern that I have been admiring for some time now.  I have never knit a shawl before, but this one is knitting up rather quickly, and I am really enjoying the pattern (enough that I have already planned my second Cladonia Shawl with some yarn I have in my stash)

I intend to write a post at some point about all of the things that I learned this summer by participating in Camp Loopy.  The fact that I apparently enjoy knitting shawls will be on that list!

It’s a little tough to show my progress in photos while the shawl is still on circular needles because I can’t stretch out the lace, but I will of course post finished photos once it is blocked.

I am extremely happy with the way my color choices are working out, and I like the weight of the yarn (it’s more like a plump fingering weight than a true sport weight…).  I can see myself using this shawl this winter.

I only have around 20 rows to finish, and I thought I might even finish it this weekend….but it seems I am running out of yarn.  Darn it!  Luckily, the Loopy Ewe still has it in the color that I need, and I had a $25 account credit that I earned knitting for Camp Loopy this summer, so I just put my order in.  I will likely finish the shawl next weekend.

~Happy knitting!