More photos and goodness from the Lake County Fair!  This is my fair post that isn’t about me.  (What?)

None of the art in this post was made by me.  It was all made and exhibited by other awesome artists and crafters at the Lake County Fair this year.  How sweet is the afghan at the top of the page?  It was one of my favorites, but I have to say that I just fell madly in love with this: 

Do you not love the chickens?!  They are so cute!  This was submitted in a cross stitch or needle point category, and I just love it for its simplicity and its content (adorable chickens).  It is earthy, chicken-y, wonderfulness, if you ask me.

Here are the best pot holders in the crochet division:

Lots of pretty colors and smart ideas.  My friend Cris crocheted the second place entry, shown above with the red ribbon attached.


There were many baby entries:  blankets and layettes.


The afghans spanned entire walls of the building.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I’m a total sucker for granny squares.  They are just so pretty!  I wish I had photographed more, but I was feeling overwhelmed.


Here are more winners in the socks category as well as many entries in the hats and scarves categories.


I thought this was a cheery display.  Shown here are slippers and socks.  The pretty pink socks on the lower left were knit by my friend Jaime who owns our local yarn shop.

When I was a little girl, I had a pair of slippers nearly identical to the blue and white ones in the photo aboveThey were given to me by the mother of my mother’s best friend, and I had them for many years.  Seeing those slippers brought back memories.

My friend Cris won first place in crocheted bags, and in her whole division for this awesome laptop bag.

The fair will be going on from August 3rd to August 12th.  Go check it out!


~Happy knitting!