Welcome to the Lake County Fair!

Thursday night was the exhibitor’s open house at the Lake County Fair, and as you know, I entered some of my knitting this year.  The open house was held the night before the fair officially opened to the public, and fair exhibitors got a sneak peek of the judging results and attractions.

I was so excited when I got to the Arts and Crafts building. 


The place was packed with exhibitors all jockeying for position to be among the first to see the exhibits, and to find out who the big winners would be.


The building was full of crafts, and there were a large number of knitting entries this year.


I found the display case holding the scarves and some hats.  I have to say, I was disappointed with the way my cabled hat was displayed.  See it on the lower shelf in the photo below?  It’s nearly unrecognizable.  My wool hat with the perfect, strong cables looked somewhat pitiful.  Then I noticed  my Fern Leaf Scarf on the top shelf:


It was wearing a ribbon:

A second place ribbon for my Fern Leaf Scarf!


And so were my socks:

Another second place ribbon for my Calumet Socks!

Then I found the sweaters:

The sweaters: no ribbon for my Garden Cardigan (seen in the case in red) but she looks sharp among the other fair entries.


I was pleased with my results as a first time exhibitor.   I had entered my pair of Chivalry Mitts as well, and they did not ribbon.  Two ribbons out of five entries is not so bad.  I spent the rest of the evening admiring the beautiful exhibits that won blue ribbons, and all of the other crafts.  Stay tuned for my next post that will highlight some of my favorites.

For tonight, I leave you with this cute bug that was on my door today when I got home from work:

Mother Nature is the best artist of all!


~Have a ‘blue ribbon’ weekend!