The rules for Camp Loopy project three were posted last week.  I was feeling stressed by this since I was still working my way though sleeve number one of the Garden cardigan at the time.  For my final project, I was really hoping to either knit one of the two, lacey, summer sweaters I have been waiting to make, or to finally get going on that second Rain on the Prairie Scarf that I have had in mind for a couple of months now.

Alas, the rules stated not only that the final summer project for camp must be a minimum of 500 yards, but that it also had to include two colors.  Sigh. 

I had to plan an entirely new project since none of the ones on my current list fit that description.  I was really hoping to get through camp without making a shawl since I have never made one before, and I’m not really a shawl person, but after mulling things over, a shawl was really the only reasonable possibility for me with this challenge. 

I remembered when several months ago, I fell head over feet in love with this shawl that Sheri (of the Loopy Ewe) made and shared on her blog:  click here to see Sheri’s Cladonia.  I never get tired of looking at it.  I even bought the pattern after seeing her post and have it saved in my pattern collection.

Then I also remembered falling in love with another shawl well before that, on Wendy Johnson’s blog:  click here to see Wendy’s Daybreak.  I love her color choices for her project.  I would have to purchase this pattern for camp.

Someone knit this super-cutie up for the last Camp challenge, and I realized I already own the pattern since I purchased the magazine in which it is published several months back:  click here to see the Lightening Kerchief.

Hmmm.  What’s a girl to do?

I ordered my yarn:  Madelintosh Sport in the colors Sequoia and Bark.

I love the two colors together, and I think any of the shawl patterns that I am considering would look great knit up in this combination. 

Campers got another freebie with the project three yarn purchase (aside from our 20% off Camp discount).  Look!

A pink commemorative tape measure!  It is actually really nice, and I am especially excited since I don’t have one that is retractable.  This makes measuring so much easier!

I have some time to figure out which one of the shawl patterns I want to make for project three since it doesn’t begin for another two weeks.  Even so, I can’t believe that we are already planning project three!  It feels like Camp Loopy just started.  Where is this summer going?

~Happy camping!