Since yesterday (Friday) was my last weekday off this summer, I had to bite the bullet and get my entry form in for the Lake County Fair.  I don’t think it would have made it to the secretary’s office by the deadline if I mailed it at this point, so in spite of our ongoing excessive heat warnings (yesterday was awful), I drove down to the office, where they have weekday office hours,  and finally submitted it. 

This is my very first time entering my knitting into a county fair, and I am so excited to be participating!  Unfortunately, I am really bad at making decisions, and so it was not easy for me to figure out which of my projects to enter…

I had an idea of which ones I would be choosing from:


I entered 5 different sections in the Hand knitting division.  I could only enter a single example/item in each section.

Here are two of the scarves that were in the running for my final choice in the “Scarves” section:


I had the hardest time choosing a single entry for the “Hats” section from these three hats:


Then there was the “Socks” section.  As you know, I love making socks, and you would think that I’d have a ton to choose from, but really, there were only two pairs that were technically close enough to perfect that I would consider entering them (and I had to choose one):



I also entered the “Not Specified” section, which is for any project that doesn’t fit any of the other categories.  I think it is so great that they include that category in the fair.  Here were my options, as I saw it:

The center choice is still in the works…


The fifth section that I entered is the “Cardigan Sweater” section.  That entry is also still in the works, so I will be racing the clock a bit over  the next few weeks.

I will let you know next week what my official selections were, and then of course, I will show off some of the awesome work that all of the participants submit for the fair when it opens officially on August 3rd.  I can’t wait!


I sure hope I made some good choices about my entries.  My ‘supervisor’ wasn’t very helpful since he didn’t have much to say…


~Stay cool, and happy knitting!