It has been a crazy week, which explains my lack of posts.  This past week was finals week for my students, and if you follow my blog, you know how I tend to become scarce around that time —  I’m consumed with work related tasks.

To add to the “finals week-crazy”, we have had an extreme heat-wave here in the flat Midwest, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees yesterday.  The high temps were capped off by some strong storms last night (thank gosh!  My lawn looks like shredded wheat…).

The extreme heat was not enough, however, to prevent giant, solid hail-stones from pelting my car (and me as I ran out into the storm to rescue my poor car by pulling it into the safety of the garage).



To continue our theme of “crazy”, a final story: 

I attended a work-related function this afternoon, and found myself seated with a professor from our college’s sister campus.  As we sat and made small talk, she asked, “so, do you live on a farm?”

I can’t imagine what would have given her that impression, and it is generally not the one that I am trying to make.

I spent the rest of my afternoon shopping for new shoes and an updated wardrobe (which has been long overdue, anyhow, so it’s just as well). 

~Happy (crazy) weekend!