Holy frijoles, Batman!  Things have been BUSY since I went back to work after my week off.  I have been a one-woman whirling dervish…, a multitasking motion machine…

You get the idea.

This has not left me much time to knit, or to even want to knit.  I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on my second sock for Camp Loopy, but here is a better quality picture of sock 1:   



Here is last night’s, bleary-eyed attempt at progress on sock #2:

Yeah, that’s about 1/2 of the cuff rows before the pattern repeats begin.  It’s better than nothin’ –  but notice my extra-smart , new yarn keeper there.  Isn’t it handy?  I felt guilty for buying it, but I actually like it quite a lot.  As I knit, I tend to have one or more annoyed canines making residence on my lap (usually on my yarn), and I thought this little contraption would be a smart way to keep the yarn clean.


Lookie what came in the mail this past Monday:

It’s my Knit Love Sock Club, June installment of yarn.  The June pattern should be coming Online soon.  I would love to show you the fantastic yarn that came inside the package, but I can’t spoil the surprise in case another member awaiting their yarn happens to read my blog. 

What I can show you is the April yarn installment from a few months back: 

It’s superwash merino in the colorway grellow.  I like it quite a lot, and much to my delight, this time, one of the accompanying patterns struck my fancy.  It is called The Tideway sock pattern (click HERE to see how it looks on Ravelry), and I love it and plan to make it once I finish sock #2 for Camp Loopy. 

This evening, though, the plan is to get some rest, and take a ‘brain break’.  I had a DQ ice cream sunday for dinner.  I brought it home along with an extra cup of soft serve for my (canine) boys, and we enjoyed our treats out on the deck.  The weather today was gorgeous.

 ~Happy Wednesday!