I have to say, I have been really lucky to have this week off from work.  The weather has been completely summer-like.  I feel like I’m already on summer break.  I managed to get a bit of sun in the last few days.  Monday evening, I sat out under my giant tree on the deck and just knitted away on my Camp Loopy project.  The dogs thought it was great.  It was hot but there was a nice wind blowing.

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Valparaiso to wander around the downtown and visit one of my favorite LYSs called Sheep’s Clothing.  I still had a gift certificate that I received last Christmas that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I found some much needed Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, which is my favorite yarn for knitting good, wearable socks.  It is so soft, and the cotton breathes, and much to my surprise, it wears and washes well.


I also got a few hanks of Cascade 220 with the idea of starting some Christmas gifts early.  My plan in purchasing the yarn was to make another Leaf Scarf.  After I got home, I just couldn’t wait to see how it would work up, so I started on the scarf.

I LOVE the color of this yarn.  I know it photographed purple, but it’s not.  It is a heathered gray and it has flecks of pink and turquoise stranded through the main yarn color.  I’m beginning to think I may not be willing to give this scarf away as a gift after all!

The yarn sleeve only lists a number to designate the color: 7806 .  I plan to do some searching around Online to see if I can ID a colorway name as well.  If Cascade makes this in one of their fingering weight sock yarns, I would love to have it for a pair of socks.

I am off in search of coffee.  Knit on.