The good:

  • We are on break for a week (again) at the college, so I have this week off from work.


  • I had a great time at the knitting meet-up yesterday, drinking coffee, working on my Camp Loopy project, and getting to know a new knitting friend named Elizabeth.  We actually were the meet-up, since we were the only ones to show, but it made for a lovely Sunday morning.


  • Elizabeth suggested a Ravelry group associated with a local knitting shop that arranges group knitting and sometimes organizes events.  One such event being considered is a local knit-in for World Wide Knit in Public Day  which can be scheduled this year any day from June 9th -17th.  The knitting group that I was previously knitting with met in a large park in a neighboring state for the event last year, so I am hoping that we will do something similar locally this year.   I already ordered this chair, just in case!


The bad:

  • After some overuse this weekend, my left hand is back to being swollen, and my tendons in my forearm are not terribly happy.  Ice and NSAIDs are back in action.


The knitty:

  • My Camp Loopy challenge #1 Primavera socks are about 1/4 of the way done.  So far so good (unless you ask my tendons).

  • I bought 3 new knitting books (actually 4, but 1 hasn’t been delivered yet).

I got this one used for 0.20 cents.


I like these touchy-feely type of knitting books for late night reading, when I can’t sleep.  I keep one next to my bed with a book light at all times.  It helps to settle my racing mind when I’m having trouble falling asleep.  The last one to serve this purpose (that I recently finished) was A Life in Stitches by Rachael Herron.


Then I splurged and bought both of these since I have been wanting to own them for some time.



~Happy Memorial Day and don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate all of the brave men and women (and the families of those men and women!) who have risked and gave (and continue to risk and/or give) their lives for our freedom.