My yarn came in the mail today for Camp Loopy project #1.  Much to my delight, a special Camp Loopy 2012 button was tucked into the package.  One of the more dorky details about me is that I have a knitting button collection that I mostly display on my knitting bag (with a few on my work bag), so this new addition to my collection just about put me over the edge with excitement. 

You can see the button in the photo below, along with the yarn that I ordered.  This is Cascade Heritage Quatro, fingering weight, in the colorway Antiqua (#5666).  It is superwash wool and nylon.

My plan for this yarn is to knit another pair of Primavera socks.  The challenge designates that I choose a pattern from a designer who is not from the country I live in.  The designer of these socks is from Germany, so this pattern fits the bill.

I’m also thinking that this project will do double duty for me since I’m starting to doubt the suitability of my current pair of Primavera socks (that are nearly finished) for this year’s county fair.  I love the pattern, and the socks I have been working on are some of the nicest I think I have made, but I noticed that the second sock of the pair, which is being knit in a self striping yarn, is turning out with the stripe sequence in opposite order of the first sock.  Not a big deal to me, but could be a deal breaker if the socks were considered for a ribbon at the fair.

So this pair of Primavera socks may be my answer to that problem, if they turn out well.  I can still enter a pair of Primavera socks into the fair, and this time there is no chance of striping gaffes occurring.  And these socks will keep me eligible in Camp Loopy challenges as well.  It’s a win – win (maybe)!

The Camp Loopy rules state that we can’t begin our projects until May 27th, but I did prep my yarn tonight so it’s ready to go when the light turns green.  The hank is 437 yards total, and 100 grams.  The challenge dictates that to be eligible, my project must use a minimum of 400 yards, so I will need to ensure that I use most of the hank.  To help me with this, I decided to wind the hank into two, even balls of 50 grams each.

Now I’m ready to get knitting as soon as project one begins.

Meanwhile, I am nearly finished with the second Calumet sock.

In other news, I was contacted by someone from today asking for permission to feature one of my photos on the Ravelry Raglan Sleeve Topper pattern page (a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarns).  Of course I said yes!  So now my photo of my Raglan Sleeve Topper is featured on the main pattern page on Ravelry, and it can be viewed not only by members, but by anyone from the public searching the pattern!  (See it here:  LOOK!) 

I’m feeling pretty cool right about now…

~Happy winding!