…with the seaming.  Yay seaming (with facetious tone).  Does seaming sweaters make anyone else as nervous as it makes me?

So I now have a front, a back and two sleeves for my Recycled Cotton Pullover. 

This seems to happen with me and (my limited experience with) sweaters.  The closer I get to completing all of the parts, the more giddy and happy I get.  Then, when I bind off that last sleeve, the reality sets in:  now I have to seam this damn thing.

My perfectionist high standards make this a task that is basically impossible for me to accomplish adequately, and just the thought of seaming all of my pretty parts together gives me chest pains.

#1  Clearly I’m taking this too seriously.  #2  Clearly, I need more practice seaming sweaters!

OK, so here are the parts sort of placed together so I can imagine my pretty sweater once it’s finished.

This time around, I know that whip stitch is not the answer, and that I need to graft shoulders and sew sides and sleeves.  With this knowledge, I’m already better off than I was at the time of my last seaming debacle.  At the time of this post, I have actually satisfactorily grafted one shoulder seam in preparation for knitting on the neckline.

I’ll just keep telling myself that it will be ok….

…hopefully in the next few days, I’ll have a post featuring me, sporting a loose-fitting, casual, cotton sweater (and not me in the fetal position with a sweater sleeve grafted into my hair as my dogs look on…)

One can only hope.