Not to overload you on scandal and sex but….

…I have my most recent hand knit dish towel to show you:


 Such wild topics being discussed around here lately. 

I actually finished this one a few days ago.  This is knit from KnitPicks CotLin, light weight yarn in the color Creme Brulee.  It started out fantastic and ended up not quite what I was hoping for, but the good news is, it’s a dish towel.  Everything will be ok (or at least that’s what I keep telling my inner perfectionist).

I did start another, in the same pattern (I’m gonna get it right this time!) with KnitPicks yarn called Comfy — 75% cotton and 25% acrylic blend.   Photos to follow.

Meanwhile, the universe has been holding me by my ankles and shaking every last penny out of me.  Somehow, I have averaged about a grand a week in unexpected car repair bills, and other unexpected personal bills over the last three (yes, three) weeks.  I was handling it ok until yesterday when it all just sort of landed on me like a bag of bricks.  So rather than melt into a heap, I have been working on a plan — a plan involving coupons, Spagettios and deprivation — in order to lower my cortisol levels resulting from the situation.

This plan also requires that I knit from my stash (what?!) for a while, so we will see how that goes.  I would rather eat ‘Oodles o’ Noodles’ all year than not buy any new yarn, but I realize that a compromise between the options would be more healthy for me…  So there is that.

I haven’t shown any new photos of the Butterfly Beanie since I have been working on it a bit here and there over the last few weeks.  It kept me busy at the car repair shop, the tire shop, and the Baker’s Square restaurant this past Monday.  I hope to show it again soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to show you this:

My Hide N Sheep stitch markers.  Aren’t they pretty?  I have to say that they doll up my work in progress quite nicely, and they just plain make me happy.

I mentioned Hide N Sheep’s Etsy shop a while back when I placed my order for some things.  It’s really worth a gander if you haven’t shopped there before.  The prices are economical (read:  CHEAP) while the quality of the items is really super.

One of the main reasons that I ordered was to buy this adorable abacus style row counting bracelet.  They make all kinds, but here is mine:

 See that little silver loop on the bottom, just below the clasp there?  It’s to hold your mini stitch markers!  They thought of everything!  AND for those of us obsessive sock knitters, Hide and Sheep makes great, tiny, itty bitty stitch markers for DPNs in the commonly used sizes such as 0’s and 1’s and 2’s. 



Cute, eh?


My secret is, I tend to use the bracelet more when I’m NOT knitting, because it serves to remind me of knitting (which in turn makes me happy).  So on busy work days, when my morale is waning, you might notice me sporting a certain, cute bracelet.  It works! 

One last thing:  if you were wondering about my sudden preponderance of blog posts, I am in fact on a 1 week spring break from the college, which leaves me extra time to knit and blog.  Whoo!


~Happy knitting!