While I was knitting away on my Butterfly Beanie at my parent’s house on Easter Sunday, I overheard my Mom  comment to my cousin about my continual tendency to intently knit.  “She’s like a spider spinning a web”, I heard her say. 

I thought that was so funny.  That is how she sees me.  It’s kind of a cool metaphor, too.  I rather like spiders…

Even though I realize that I appear to be some strange anomaly to them, I know that I am not ‘the only spider’.  So many of us love to knit for relaxation, creativity, an outlet. 

I have never been a great lover of technology, but one thing I really do enjoy and appreciate is the ability to follow other ‘spiders’ on their blogs and websites and Ravelry pages, to see what they are up to, admire their creativity and ideas, and be inspired by people with interests similar to mine.

I have been meaning to write a post about my favorite knitting blogs that I follow regularly:  many that helped me learn to knit, many that just make me happy, and many that make me strive to keep improving my knitting skills.

There are actually only a few I follow religiously, but here are the biggies.  Maybe you will like them as much as I do:

The great Wendy Johnson, author of many a knitting book, keeps a really fun blog, mostly about knitting and her little cat Lucy (who can’t stay away from her knitting).  Even though she thinks she isn’t, Wendy is a FAST knitter.  I’m not sure how it is even possible that she finishes entire sweaters of varying complexity (and there will be complexity…gansey, Fair Isle, Alice Starmore cables…) in 5 days to two weeks.  Things that are a year long project for most of us keep her busy on the bus to work for a few days.  And her projects are great and inspiring and she gets me trying new yarns that I would never have considered before.  Have you seen her lasagna noodle scarf (actually called The Double Fun Scarf), to be knit in Kauni Effektgarn???  It’s such a simple and great idea.  The ruffled scarf looks like a giant lasagna noodle.  The pattern is for sale here.  I already bought it and my Kauni (but not in rainbow colors).  Can’t wait to get noodling!

The best thing about the blog, though, is that she knits just for fun and the pure joy and interest of it.  How can you not feel good about that?

And next is:

I just love buying my yarn and needles at The Loopy Ewe, but did you know that the owner Sheri also runs a really great blog?  It’s another one of my regular hang-outs online.  Sheri not only keeps us Loopy fans aware of new fibers and tools available, she also suggests the BEST patterns with links, and she chronicles her own progress on many of the patterns (which I just love to follow).  I have linked to her blog many times over the last year, pointing out a shawl or a pattern that I love, that I stored away on my knitting to do list for some day. 

Then there is:

This blog is neither widely known nor famous, but has been one of my very favorites for some time now.  Run by a fantastic and artistic knitter, there are always the most inspiring finished objects to see on this blog.  Great artistry and great photography make it a real guilty pleasure to read and enjoy.  The author also has really fun ways of making her passion part of life, including knitting samples for a local yarn shop, selling her knits on her own Etsy shop, and more.

And lastly I must mention:

I just have to mention this one, since as a beginner knitter a few years ago, Laurie Perry’s books and blogs were among my very favorites to read and learn from.  She has a fun way of making you feel excited about knitting, and she makes the intimidating stuff less intimidating with the use of her own brand of humor.  Nowadays, she doesn’t blog much about knitting, but I would encourage any new knitter to peruse the blog’s knitting related archives.  There is a wealth of beginner ideas and information (and humor). 

If you have never read her “Easy Roll Brim Hat Recipe” post, I’m pretty sure you can’t call yourself a knitter.  (For those of you currently panicking, you can read it HERE).   It goes down in history as one of my all time favorites….and I learned so much!  I was actually anti-blog (what??) before Laurie’s blog took control of my brain.  Thanks Laurie! 

For anyone reading this, I would love to know what your favorite knitting blogs are.  I am sure there are some great ones out there that I have yet to find.


~Happy blogging!