What?!  A new post? 

Sorry I’ve been AWOL again.  Lots going on in ‘real life’.  Knitting did continue as well, in real life, but I didn’t have time or energy to blog about it. 

The good news is, I’m brimming with ideas, and now I actually have time to share. 

So I showed you the Butterfly Beanie that I am working on in the last post.  The pattern and yarn are from knitpicks.com.  With that same purchase, I ordered a sampler (I love a good sampler!) of easy care, spring yarns.  It included small, single balls of five, lovely, KnitPicks yarns in pretty, spring colors. 

 Part of the deal was that each ball of yarn would have a corresponding pattern for working it up.  And each one did…..but the patterns were, well…..let’s say….sad.  (Imagine worsted weight doilies and ‘hats’ that look like toilet paper cozies on the models’ heads…).

So I loved the yarn (why does fiber make me so happy????), but with little, single balls, in different colors, what could I do with it all?

Most of the balls were cotton or cotton blend, and I was overcome by my inner domestic goddess, so I started churning out the dish towels.

Ha!  It seems so boring and simple and not sexy, but I have to confess that I love a good dish towel.  If you have ever made hand knit, cotton dish towels, you know how great they are.  So I will be happy to add a few more into my household rotation.

I made the first one from KnitPicks yarn called Dishie (100% cotton for towel making of all kinds) in the colorway Linen.  I found the really cute and SO easy pattern HERE, where this super lady (misswoolyknits) knits up her own dish towels from left over schnitzels of cotton yarns and they turn out looking AWESOME!  How do some people do that?!

In any case, here is mine, knit from my Dishie, hanging on my pantry door.  I improvised the hanging loop for this purpose.



This is another one that is still in the works, being knit up in KnitPicks yarn CotLin (a light-weight, cotton and linen blend) in the colorway Creme Brulee:


I’m following a pattern from an old pattern book for this one.  It’s a neat, honeycomb-type pattern that is fun to do, and works well with the lighter gauge of this yarn. 

Incidentally, I also bought a sweater’s amount of CotLin in a lovely blue colorway called Planetarium in hopes of knitting a summer, short-sleeved, pullover sweater that I can wear to work.  The problem is, even with an advanced search, I couldn’t find a single, nice, sweater pattern that fits those criteria on Ravelry.  All of the short-sleeved, summer sweater patterns are for cardigans.

If anyone reading this happens to have a suggestion, it would be MUCH appreciated.  Otherwise, it’s back to my Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Book of Patterns to make my own.  I’m not really good enough at sweaters yet to really WANT to design my own, so I’m hoping to find a pattern soon.

Happy knitting!