Happy spring!  It’s been quite spring-y here in the Midwest, and I have some spring-like topics for today’s post.

First, I wanted to say that I wore my Raglan Sleeve Topper to our holiday dinner this weekend.  I found this really great shawl stick at knitpicks.com.

Doesn’t it work out nicely with the sweater?  I knew the dark colored wood would look pretty. 

My Momma brought spring themed cupcakes to dinner, and they had little animal toppers on them, including these super-cute sheep!

I took this photo of them drying on my chopping block in the kitchen.  I had to wash frosting off of them if I plan to keep them (which I do).  One is already clipped to my knitting bag. 


And lastly, I got side-tracked from my Primavera socks (which I will finish soon, I swear) and started a little spring, Fair Isle project:

It’s the Butterfly Beanie designed by Erica Jackofsky.  Knitpicks.com offered the yarn and pattern in a kit.  I actually substituted the contrast color with another that I bought extra, but it was a great deal and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern and the yarn and the hat.  Isn’t it cute?

So fun. 

Another work week begins tomorrow…

Keep on knitting!