The idea of completing many of my UFO’s from this past year is still keeping my interest, and I finished yet another one this week:  my Mandarin Vines socks. 



I finished the first one last September, and the second of the pair was also started at that time, but never completed.  I knit these on size 0 DPNs, from Tofutsies sock yarn.  The overall design is mine again – combining the overall pattern for an 8 stitches per inch standard sock (from Ann Budd’s book, Getting Started Knitting Socks) with a body pattern option called “Mandarin Vines”, published in the first Socks A La Carte pattern book put out by SouthWest Trading Co., the same company that produces Tofutsies yarn.

Here is a look at the Mandarin Vines pattern stitch detail:


Have you used SWTC’s Tofutsies sock yarn?  Most people either love it or hate it.  It is tough sometimes to find it, even in the local yarn shops.  I happen to like it quite a bit, and I’ll pick up a ball here and there whenever I see it.



It’s a nice change from heavier wool options, and it makes cooler socks.  The yarn is VERY fine and thread like.  It is a combination of 50% superwash wool, with the other 50% content including cotton, a plant fiber called Soysilk, and chitosan which is a natural compound that has antibacterial qualities which are great for feet.

The Socks a La Carte Books are great when you need ideas.  They contain many inspiring photos of completed socks, as well as a flip-book style catalog of options for not just patterns for the body and instep of a sock, but also various heels, toes and cuffs.  So fun! 



Here are my finished socks with one already having been blocked, and the other just off of my needles.  What a case for blocking your knitting, right?! 


 Blocking really helps to show off the quality of the work, and gives the object a professional look.  Once the second sock is blocked (it’s already on a blocker as I type this), it will look just the like the lower sock in the above photo. 

I think these socks are in the running for inclusion as one of my Lake County Fair entries this summer.  They may be my favorite socks that I have made so far.  The yarn really allowed for the stitch pattern to show up nicely. 

I’m now on to hopefully finish my Primavera socks.

~Happy knitting!