I’m still super-busy here, which explains my ‘dead beat’ status as a blogger lately.  I was also nursing a nasty head cold all week.  I did have some time to relax this weekend (finally), in between laundry and grocery shopping.

I know I never posted a photo of the Socktopus yarn mittens (original design by me) once they were done, so here they are (one with the top surface facing up, and one with the palm surface facing up so you can see the two textures).

I got my email notifying me that my next installment of Knit Love Club Socktopus yarn will be on its way soon, and I’m anxiously awaiting that.

I also got to work over the past week on the first sleeve of my Lion Brand Recycled Cotton sweater.  The front and back of the sweater are finished, so now it’s just sleeves and seaming and the neckline which I’ll probably work on in little spurts in between everything else. 

And look at this:  something is soaking, in preparation for blocking! 

Can you guess what it is?  Here’s a hint – it’s not socks. 

Tune in to my next post for the answer…