I mentioned a few blogs ago that I picked up this magazine while at the local grocery store.


I think I chose it because it was the cheapest knitting magazine on the rack (and because I needed to cheer myself up after a bad string of luck). 

I tend to be a fan of Interweave Knits publications, including their magazines, because their patterns seem to me to be the most knittable and the most wearable.  Many of the other knitting magazines out there (like this one) often print whole issues of patterns that I find to be totally impractical or way too ‘crafty’ looking. 

I was shocked by this copy that I honestly just picked up by luck.  I really love many of the patterns printed in it, and I want to make many of them.  Recall this one I already mentioned in a previous post, that I think is simple, and classy and great for a business casual wardrobe which, incidentally, is what I wear to work.


This weekend, while lounging around, catching up on rest, I noticed and promptly fell in love with this:


 It’s a small shawl – they call it a kerchief – with an all-over heart pattern in lace.  It’s very simple, but the hearts are outlined in Czech beads.  I have never been interested in beading anything that I knit until now.  I already know which yarn from my stash I would like to use for this.  My plans for today were to hop over to JoAnn’s or Michael’s and pick out the perfect beads.  (That was before this virus/flu thing hit me.)

There is also this cardigan that I love, but notice, it is knit with rows and rows of – dun dun dun! – twisted rib. 

I HATE knitting twisted rib, and somehow, many patterns I am drawn to use it.  It takes me SO DARNED LONG, and it sucks all of the joy out of my projects.  But I already have the perfect yarn for this cardigan too!

Even the advertisements in this issue are stellar.  Here’s a shawl knit with Malabrigo (incidentally 2 skeins of Eggplant, which I just happen to own.  Imagine that…).  The ad states that this lovely shawl pattern can be found in their new Malabrigo Book 3.  I found it at Jimmy Bean’s Wool online for purchase HERE.  It’s about $20.  I’m sure you could also find this pattern alone on Ravelry if you checked.


Here is another pattern that I liked from good ‘ol Cascade


This cardigan is so simple, but here is what I love about it:


 The border is knit with what looks like mistake ribbing, and an alternate color is used for the recessed rows of rib.  Doesn’t it give a neat effect?  The colors they chose remind me of an Aurora Borealis crystal or something. 

I love lucky little find like this issue of Knitter’s Magazine.  For anyone looking for it, it’s the K105 winter issue. 


In other news, I did check the TSA website and was surprised to find out that you can carry any and all sorts of knitting needles onto an airplane!  From the website:

Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

Items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the exception of circular thread cutters or any cutter with a blade contained inside which cannot go through the checkpoint and must go in your checked baggage.”

Isn’t that weird?  The webpage has a photo of these big honkin’ aluminum needles.  I think large aluminum needles could easily be wielded as a weapon.  Scissors smaller than 4 inches long can also be carried on, so I guess I could pack my notions kit, too.  You can see the actual page where I found this information HERE

I hope you had a great weekend.  No knitting for me here.  I’m lying low with my lemonade (for my throat), and resting up for my upcoming busy week at work. 

~Happy knitting